What are QUEGRID Live Contests ?

QUEGRID Live contests are Subject wise Online Mock Tests on the pattern of JEE(Main), JEE(Adv) or BITSAT which are defined and planned in a way to practice in real time environment to give students a feeling of Live Online Examination.

The best way to release exam pressure is to attempt exam in live environment. By regular practice of examinations in live environment level of silly mistakes reduce in actual exam and efficiency increases. Regular attempts of QUEGRID Live Contests and analysis of paper gives students a competitive edge over competitors and they will be able to judge themselves in a large group of students.

Benefits of QUEGRID Live Contests ?

1. Realtime Testing environment on pattern of JEE(Main), JEE(Advanced) & BITSAT.

2. Projected JEE Rank on the basis of attempt after completion of paper.

3. MERIT declaration of TOP-10 candidates after completion of paper.

4. Solutions and analysis of attempt in HISTORY folder of your QUEGRID Account.

How to Attempt a Live Contest?

Step-I : To Register in Live contest, you need to visit the link http://www.physicsgalaxy.com/live-contest and click on the Register button to Register in the contest. Registration is required only once, you don’t need to register separately for all contest. Registration done once will be valid for the whole academic session till end of May month of present academic session.

Step-II : Now login at www.quegrid.com using your QUEGRID user ID and password. If you are already registered at PHYSICSGALAXY.COM then using the same user ID and password also you can login at QUEGRID.

Step-III : Click on 'LIVE CONTEST' tab and see the syllabus and available live contests. Note down the date and time when the contest will start. On the specified date and time the contest can be attempted. To see available contests in different subjects please choose the subjects in the pull down menu at the top of the available contests

Step-IV : Once you complete and submit all rounds of the Rank Booster, you can visit History tab to see the Result Analysis and Solutions to the Rank Boosters you have attempted.