About QUEGRID Rank Boosters

QUEGRID Rank Boosters are Online Practice MCQ sets (also termed as Rank Booster Contests) defined and planned in a way to overcome most common problems students face in attempting a JEE Exam Paper. These common problems are :

1. Speed and Accuracy of Attempt
2. Silly Mistake in Attempt
3. Time Management in Attepmt

Many good students when attempt a test paper in a time bound exam environment, always in last 30 min of exam the speed of attempt is very high and brain of student works at a very high pace, which is not the case in first 30 min of the test paper. Rarely students have uniform pace of attempting question paper in examination hall.

For many students due to exam pressure in examination hall the accuracy of reading and numerical calculations drops. Also in fundamental questions which are very easy, students do silly mistakes due to misinterpretation in reading or minor calculation mistakes and regret later.

QUEGRID Rank Boosters are MCQ based Contests comprising different rounds of short time durations. These are designed in a planned and systematic way to improve overall efficiency of students for JEE exam attempt.

Different Rounds of QUEGRID Rank Boosters consists of many easy, moderate and logical questions which helps students to develop habits to improve their speed and accuracy both in a short time.

Regular attempt of QUEGRID Rank Boosters increases your overall efficiency of Exam attempt and allows you to perform uniformly throughout 3 Hrs of Exam attempt.

How to Attempt a Rank Booster ?

Step-I : Login to your QUEGRID Account from 'SIGNUP & LOGIN' tab on the top menu bar.

Step-II : From the list of Live Rank Boosters, choose your subject and topic. This will display only those Rank Boosters of the Subject and Topic chosen by you.

Step-III : Click on 'Attempt' to start a Rank Booster and follow on-screen instruction after clicking on the link 'Attempt'..

Step-IV : Once you complete and submit all rounds of the Rank Booster, you can visit History tab to see the Result Analysis and Solutions to the Rank Boosters you have attempted.